Kanye West 2018


I love the beat and the back and forth style of Ye vs. The People, and some of his arguments are … alright? But ffs I don’t get him and Trump at all and it’s just pretty gross.


Fatty is CG yes?


Ah the whole “tolerating the intolerant” argument. How’s that A level politics course going for you big man?


Still laughing at Lift Yourself though


Neither tracks are actually songs though are they. Ye vs the People is a vaguely interesting scripted conversation where Kanye realises you need the middle ground to win an election


These stupid cunts genuinely think discriminating against someone for being black/gay etc is the same as criticising someone for being right wing. There is literally no point trying.


I’m looking forward to his Blood on the Tracks in five years if nothing else.


I know :confused: I just hate the idea of his bile going unchallenged on this site.


Both tracks today were :poop: but they did make me laugh


Hi Kanye


I’ve read all the way through and I still can’t make out what’s going on. He covered Doop?


yeah, @moderators

why hasn’t this guy been binned yet?

bin please.


Hope you mean Fatty and not me


yeah sorry, was taking about fatty.

bad people in the bin.

good people stay.


So much for the tolerant left!


Imagine Jordan numbers started a thread saying:

Kanye just released a new song

Poopy-di scoop/ Scoop-diddy-whoop/ Whoop-di-scoop-di-poop

You’d think it was ridiculous even by his standards.



surely this isn’t legal


The guy sure has a knack of playing the album hype cycle. He’s been all over all my feeds recently. (Kanye that is, not the Surgeon)


I love getting caught up in Yeezy album roll outs. Gobbling all the hype since 2004.