Kanye West 2018


I miss the G.O.O.D. Friday drops before MBDTF…loads of great tracks dropping at that time (a whole albums worth of Dark Fantasy B-Sides) was hoping for the same when Yeezy mentioned Yeezus had been cut in half by Rubin…



there was supposed to be a return of good fridays for Life of Pablo, but then he just gave up after one week.

the original good fridays series makes for a pretty solid unofficial album


I thought Kanye’s new direction seemed familiar



lol daz is ready for some action


he met charlie kirk today ffs


Kanye West is the new Morrissey.


Hahaha give over
Morrisey WISHES he was half as contreversial and entertaining as Kanye
Kanye make Morrisey’s album cycle controvercies seem like amatuer hour




Kanye and Morrissey are pretty similar characters in a lot of ways, have often thought they should make a record together


dear god no


Oh come on, it’d be like Shaggy and Sting for the Trump/Brexit crowd, who wouldn’t want to hear that




I’d like to see a Morrissey shoe collab. Maybe a limited edition Clarks Rambler.


‘Stop Ye If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before’




The making of Ye vs the People is kinda great just cos T.I. looks hella uncomfortable throughout the whole thing. To paraphrase:

Kanye: I don’t like half of what Trump does.
T.I: What half do you like?
Kanye: Just that I find someone doing something no one told them they could do inspiring

Read: He appeals to my own sense of ego.

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