Kanye West 2018


I think the Morrissey comparisons are out of order. Kanye is clearly in a bit of a vulnerable mental state, and all his Trump nonsense just seems misguided; not very comparable with Morrissey’s calculated hate-filled racist diatribes.


I’m sure Kanye will definitely stop talking horseshit now




that’s a great takedown


It really is


I wasn’t basing my comparison on their most recent output, it’s something I’ve thought for a few years. I haven’t paid much attention to kanyes latest stuff and I just assumed it was kanye being kanye. If he’s not well, then I agree, it’s best not to compare the two.


im hopping of the train for this round of the kanye hype cycle. will see yall again once the album drops.


just realised that there’s another month of this still…


absolutely can’t fucking believe the reality we’re in in which a legend like Elliott Wilson is posting a segment from TM fucking Z in which they speak very articulate and impassioned sense to Kanye West to try to awaken him to his own antics.



The weirdest timeline.


tried to watch that 1hr 45 minute interview but, surprisingly, got a bit bored. Jumped along the timeline a bit and this was the first moment I landed on which I think probably sums it all up quite well




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Not sure what would confuse people more at this point, if the album turns out to be good or if it turns out to be terrible.


I doubt I’ll be listening either way at this point


Yeah, same…

If he’s just doing it to deliberately court controversy and drum up publicity and we all go out and listen to it then that probably makes the whole strategy a “success” in his mind.

Of course, if he’s not and he genuinely believes what he’s saying, then listening to it means he’ll think people agree with him (“I was right!”) and if people don’t listen to it then his whole paranoiac “They’re trying to stop my being a free thinker” thing is endorsed in his mind…


He’s just saying things with no thought behind them, as that man pointed out in that TMZ clip. I actually can’t tell if it’s a strategy to gain attention or if he’s not well. A lot of his twitter ramblings do mention he’s just putting things out there when he says stuff and we should all do the same, maybe that’s his idea of a disclaimer? I dunno.

I’m interested to see how this all pans out for him, if it’ll affect record/ticket sales or any endorsement deals he gets, it could well be negligible by the time the album comes out. I imagine all media outlets are clamouring to get an interview with him in the hope he’ll say something controversial.

All feels a bit weird. Don’t know who’s playing who.


I was surprised to hear him say he’s had liposuction and plastic surgery, especially after what happened to his mum… Up until recently the guy has always seemed to be in pretty good shape physically, which makes the decision a bit strange to me


There’s plenty of medication that makes you gain weight.