Kanye West 2018


He seems totally oblivious to the fact he’s being an idiot in that video, as Theo pointed out in the other thread he seems “earnest and humble” while spouting all that rubbish. Which either means he’s an incredibly good method actor or just nuts. Yet at the same time, why keep everything bottled up to unleash it just before your album is released? It’s clearly calculated to some degree. Just bizarre


i think he really just doesn’t know what’s going on. this whole ‘free thinking’ thing - what does it even mean. it just sounds like someone who’s insanely conflicted and not quite able to grasp anything that’s going on in the world right now (understandable), and unfortunately has decided to pick the ‘wrong’ side.


Aren’t people tired of Kanye yet?


Kanye, boring?


Lots of stupid people think they are being clever and daring by just saying things that are the opposite of what the people around them are saying. He’s one of them.


I admit that I like his gimmicks more than his music.


cmon lads he’s definitely not a stupid person


The common explanation for people believing conspiracy theories was ‘to make sense of a confusing world’.

I read an article recently that said people think it makes them special and unique. And I thought this was a lot more plausible.


Conspiracy theories let idiots feel like intellectuals.

  • Marilyn Monroe


That would certainly fit with his past behaviour and statements.


There’s definitely something seductive in thinking you have seen the deep secrets that have been missed by the common herd.

You can see how that appeals to Kanye’s self-aggrandising personality.


Lift Yourself is great. proper two fingers up song


I think The Bunk says it best


christ the bit where he mentions his great grandfather has really got to me


The most depressing thing is the replies - loads of ‘alt right’ tosspots and entitled white people explaining how Kanye was actually right about black people choosing to be slaves, despite the power of what
Pierce says.


tbh people trying to explain why ‘kanye might be onto something here’ or basically trying retcon all the stupid shit he’s said recently is really depressing


wish we could bin this cunt off now


The real album was the friends he lost along the way

  • Working himself into a shoot
  • Shooting himself into a work

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