Kanye West 2018


I have 2 questions about this video

  1. Why does Van Lathan have what looks like a mic wire already attached to him and a camera at his desk that they can just cut to along with a boom mic right next to him?

  2. Where is the rest of the video?


He’s going on fucking infowars with alex jones!




Tweet from Kanye saying that Sandy Hook was a hoax seems pretty inevitable at this point


Edit: meant as a reply to @Roughyed who asked for the whole video up thread

I actually watched 20 minutes of this before I gave up. Made me a bit sad. Just bizarre that someone can go on TV with the main messages of “love everyone”, “be yourself” and “don’t let others tell you what to think” and it come out so misguided and offensive


I saw it mentioned at the end of a TMZ article or something as well yesterday as it sounded off with “catch Kanye West on infowars later this week” but thought it was a joke. Alas.




Oh dear, oh dear



Yep - seems that we’ve found the line. God this is fucking sad.




False alarm, he apparently was just being discussed on the show rather than appearing, poor choice of words from AJ but that’s nothing new for him


Still got 4 weeks of album promotion left, so don’t count it out


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Damn. Thought we could finally get a Kanye/Pumpkins track on the soundtrack of the Judgement Night remake.


Hope this is right :joy:


Think he’s too far gone for this to be true but amazing if the snowcone lad has cracked it.

Very interesting read.


More likely, later this afternoon, Kanye simply shares that thread along with the comment “interesting idea. free your mind.”


Interesting read and I’d love it to be true - but I think people often reach to explain his behaviour because of how much we’ve loved his work. I also wonder if he’s too impulsive and impatient to stick to a plan like this…


I for one have been enjoying his regular updates of his living and breathing album The Life of Pablo