Kanye West 2018


Ha! Indeed!



It’s funny Kaufman was one of my first thoughts when all this started.


more trolling. we’ve been waiting for pusha, kanye and nas and this is what we get?

jks. it’s pretty good. life of pablo schizo production.


did wayne coyne direct the video?


Wanye Coyne


It’s obviously not directed by him but it’s proper Wayne Coyne x Miley Cyrus stuff



listened to Lift Yourself loads. actually really like it


Just got it


I’m just waiting for the SWERVE!!!


There will be no Kanye album good enough to wash out the taste of the last two weeks.

It was only a matter of time. Kanye has officially lost the Fork.


I would argue that MBDTF is, if anything, even more weighty when listened to whilst reflecting on the very fucking dark place Kanye seems to be in now and has seemed to be since that album. It was like his swan song before he jumped into the abyss.


I thought this article by Ta-Nehisi Coates was good


Kanyes a fucking embarrassment.



Dunno. Sometimes it’s nice for someone to write something eloquently rather than as a shit hot take tweet


really don’t think the people around him are really anything to do with his megalomania


Finally finished my discography relisten. Pretty sure My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’s an all-time top twenty or so of the genre. 100% positive The Life of Pablo’s his next best record, followed by Late Registration and some way behind Graduation.

The other three records do nothing for me whatsoever. Really can’t see it with The College Dropout, sorry. Found 808s and Heartbreak completely unlistenable.


Seems each of the 5 albums is 7 tracks long? So that’s basically 5 EPs? And in true Kanye style he doesn’t know the tracks or the tracklists for each album