Kanye West 2018


He already mentioned how his album is 7 tracks. I guess it depends how long they are though.

He’s gone pretty quiet after the whole slavery stuff. Did even he realise it was too much for people, or is he just preparing another round of nonsense?


Yeah, it’s more the fact that the Cudi album, Pusha, Nas and Teyana Taylor albums also appear to be 7 tracks. You’d expcect they weren’t all 7 long tracks?

Think he realised he couldn’t keep up that pace the wole month and decided to let it simmer for a while. Sure there’s more BS to come


Maybe he just can’t count beyond 7 anymore?


He’s getting into Adam Curtis now. That’s a bit better Kanye!


He nicked those drawings from a guy I went to college with! Later posted an apology. Crazy.


“It’s 4 hours long but you’ll get the gist in the first 20 minutes”



The Pusha-T album is out, though it’s only 21 minutes long.


it was originally gonna be 4 hours but ye decided you’d get the gist after 20 mins


“This ain’t for the conscious, this is for the mud-made monsters who grew up on legends out of Yonkers.” :fire: It’s tight as fuck bar that Kanye verse which just doesn’t fit particularly well (shoulda done a Runaway reprise rather than a MAGA hat response). The opening couple of tracks in particular are two of the best things I’ve heard all year. Beats are all top notch and Pusha is on great form the whole way. Would almost prefer a few average tracks to pad it out to 30 minutes but otherwise I really can’t complain


Feels relatively quiet for a few days before the actual album release.

Tinfoil hatters are saying that his verse on Pusha’s album was the first part of the reveal of his performance art piece or whatever. Particularly the lines “If you ain’t drivin’ while Black, do they stop you?/Will MAGA hats let me slide like a drive-thru?”, which if you interpret it as ostensibly similar to “Even if you in a Benz, you still a nigga in a coupe” could be a sly about-turn.

Gonna be interesting either way. Love Pusha’s record, but expecting this to be way more maximalist and out there. And surely, as ever, he kept the best beats for himself.


Pusha’s record is a wonderful omen in terms of the obvious attention to detail in the production department. Would be really happy if Ye didn’t mention anything MAGA-related (reversal or not), as it would have to be really well done to live on past the current moment.


‘If You Know You Know’ is incredible. Whole album is good (shoutout to ‘Come Back Baby’) but that track is stunning. Fingers crossed for more greatness.


here it is


Hmmmmm the Russel Simmons bit :neutral_face:


The Pusha-T record didn’t really do anything for me bar one track.

First half of Ye’s weak, the second half a fair bit stronger.


he is really not a well guy is he


very underwhelming, eh?


Mercifully short


I guess it’s not a shocker considering he did the ‘anyone feel sorry for Bill Cosby’ bit on The Life of Pablo