Kanye West 2018


? It’s just a rubbish release.


really? you don’t think any of the lyrics point to him being in a bad place mentally?


This somehow seems less coherent than TLOP despite being about a third of the length…

That opening two and a half minutes doesn’t exactly seem like a particularly healthy person does it


Haven’t listened to it but I’m truly surprised an album actually came out on the date stated.


it’s interesting how he said ‘i’ve got a 7 track album coming out on this date’ when he clearly hadn’t actually written most of it based on the lyrical content - basically employing the South Park way of working


Giving it a first spin now. I’m assuming Ghost Town is a cover?




good this


Nothing amongst these 7 tracks worth revisiting even for a second time. So, so disappointing, especially given how good that Pusha-T album was.


Quality of the release aside, there’s some real issues here.

He’s said some abhorrant stuff that can’t be excused, which really went up a gear with the Bill Cosby tweet.

People like this should not be supported creatively, when there are people giving it their all in relative fucking obscurity/struggling to make ends meet. And without resorting to trolling and defending total shitbags in an attempt to gain notoriety.

On that note - using mental health issues as a marketing ploy makes me REALLY uncomfortable. It’s framed in a way where it is supposed to excuse Kanye from saying vile and wretched things. Except, having mental health issues isn’t an excuse to not have human fucking decency. Especially in this case where he is refusing to accept any wrongdoing or try and learn from it. There are plenty of people out there with really severe stuff going on that do not say this shit.

But it’s all a fake display. He’s using mental health difficulties to sell stuff and sell shit, and in the process associating himself with others who have mental health issues. If he really cared he would be using the money/fame to help others, but he only gives a shit about helping himself and for that he can fucking rot.

Sorry for a woke KanyeWest take when all the fucking discourse in the world has been spoken, but wanted to vent this.


Yikes is pretty great imho


lmao wtaf at that first track. truly the worst song i’ve heard in years, maybe lil dicky helped him write it.

this album just sounds like he’s out of ideas creatively, kinda like his last album. He’s already done better versions of basically every track on here.


Gosh i miss poopdiscoop


Not really sure about your ‘mental health issues as a marketing ploy’ angle tbh.



turns out the answer was no. goodbye, yeezy


I know it’s not a strong connection - but I think there is a connection and it seems really disingenuous to me


Kanye West is a bell end.

Edit - Sorry - that was a very puerile post. But listened to this album after a few beers and it just annoyed me.


Haven’t listened to this, probably won’t after reading these comments, and as someone who suffers from bipolar disorder I find the cover art offensive and peddling stereotypical misconceptions.


I knew that 1st track reminded me of something and thought that surely someone could do better with the music.

Turns out someone already had.