Kanye West 2018


For what it’s worth, I actually don’t mind this on first listens, and I don’t think it’s bad by any means, but it’s pretty throwaway in the end. If he’d spent half the time he spent fiddling with The Life of Pablo on doing this album properly instead, we might have got two much better albums.


Violent Crimes is basically just a worse version of Nas’s Daughters.


Ghost Town is very good imo. And Wouldn’t Leave, but that’s mostly because of Young Thug and Ty Dolla.

Rest of it seems fairly throwaway. Lyrically really poor; some nice production but that’s the least you expect from Ye. Basically it’s a TLOP annex.

If Daytona is anything to go by then the non-Kanye albums will be the highlights of this Kanye creative streak.


Would be kind of funny if every one of these albums he’s promised turns out great except his own one


Considering Ghost Town was originally on the Kid Cudi album too… It’s already looking far more promising


From a production point of view I quite like the album but the raps have all the depth of a car park puddle, which makes sense considering Yeezy doesn’t put as much time and thought into his lyrics (or any of his music) as he used to. I even think with an album like Yeezus, which had a really rushed production schedule, he already had a lot of fully formed lyrics going into it - so it didn’t feel incomplete. At least you could give Yeezus the benefit of the doubt for being quite different, and most of the drive for that album came from how harsh and high tempo it was (again Kanye’s production chops). It sounded finished even if the mixing was so-so.

I remember a discussion here a while ago where someone pointed out that they just don’t think his heart’s in music anymore like it used to be - he’s more interested in the fashion and “brand” side of things - and if Pablo’s sloppiness suggested that - I think Ye unequivocally proves that.

It’s almost like he noticed all the attention and “meme-ing” of earlier ridiculous lyrics (sweet & sour sauce…) and tried to get away with just taking advantage of that with the new album. Like that was all he needed to have a great track. Even fucking Pitchfork had something of a highlights reel of some of his verses at the end of one of the articles that came out after the listening party. Really plays into the whole generation-of-short-attention-spans thing. I think this album’s gonna age really poorly, it just doesn’t have the replay value of his earlier albums because there’s just not a whole lot to dissect. You listen to something like Gorgeous 8 years later and it still sounds relevant - just a little jarring considering the switch-up Kanye has done on his outspoken political beliefs.

Pre-Cosby tweets and lyrics I used to defend Kanye as his arrogance and actions were fairly harmless. You could at least defend the music if not the character of the person. He wasn’t hurting anyone. Unfortunately, if you feel you have to constantly defend someone then that’s probably a red flag. I mean, would you go to the same length to defend someone you actually knew in real life to that degree? Perception of talent / accepting shit behaviour is a really strange and hypocritical thing.

You can’t talk about this album and ignore his bullshit opinions on the lead up to release. And there’s absolutely no explanation or reflection in the album on his bullshit, dangerous opinions. At least in the past you could expect some soul-searching from Kanye (or at least an attempt at it) but here we just have Kanye referencing it, no further thought. I think a lot of us at least hoped he would clarify or expand on what he meant - but even then the damage is already done.

He just spouts whatever bullshit incendiary thought comes to his head and thinks it’s worthy of being listened to because of how highly he thinks of himself. He’s constructed an album that just seems to be an attempt at furthering his brand. Mindless dumb shit. Not the Kanye (at least from his musical output) that a lot of us loved. The worst thing is that in his head he probably thinks that he’s breaking boundaries and pushing the envelope yet again. As expected Kanye forums and subreddits on the whole don’t seem to mind and are knee-jerk in love with it. Goes to prove that Kanye has well and truly hit that cult of personality status. Doesn’t matter what he does, there will always be people who lap it up.

Fuck Kanye, and fuck his indulgent short-sightedness. I hope his offensive opinions come back to bite him. This whole stunt is a massive stain on what was once a great legacy of music.

I’m irked.


Best post I’ve read on here in ages and ages x


Mad how he went from an artist who clearly spent so much time on his work, meticulously working on songs until they were they were as good as he could possibly make them, to rushing out albums with half-baked, regressive ideas. I felt like a big part of Kanye’s appeal as a musician was that you knew you were getting quality, despite his limited range as an actual rapper and his occasionally clunky lyrics. Now it seems like the latter half of his career has been defined by this laziness/heart not in it vibe, and that really bums me out.


Pitchfork review is good. One of those ones where the numeric score that’s slapped on doesn’t reflect the body of the review.


Wouldn’t be the first time he’d nabbed a sample without permission. Flat out denied he’d ever heard Avril 14th didn’t he?


Yeah, it reads more like a 4.1 review, which is probably about right. I guess a decent mark protects their access to him on future album launch jollies.


So essentially Pitchfork (and various other websites) are disgusted with Kanye, but not so disgusted that they’d want to miss out on future album launches of his.


number score has really annoyed me here, which in turn has annoyed me for being annoyed at something so trivial


score is an aggregate or something isn’t it, rather than the rating of the person who wrote the review (not sure why they didn’t pick someone who rated it closer to the actual score but whatever, thought the piece itself was good)


Yeah, ye is just a complete head scratcher. 6 of the 7 tracks just kind of sound like intros/outros/interludes that would feature among actual tracks on a fully realised Kanye record.

I don’t actually think the music is bad, exactly, and the lyrics are frankly of a similar quality to Yeezus and Pablo, but together the tracks add up to a grand sum of nothing. If you’re going to make a 7 track EP and call it a studio album, every track has to matter, it needs to be perfectly sequenced and there’s no room for complacency. Having just produced Daytona, which comes close to nailing that, he clearly gets it, which is why it’s even more baffling that this is so lightweight.

Did he really spend months holed up in Wyoming coming up with this stuff? Why does he hold his own work to such a lower standard than Pusha’s? And has he held stuff back from what could have been a great Pusha full length just because he couldn’t be arsed to make more than 7 songs himself? Very strange project.


Just heard Ye. 6.2/10. Some promising moments but the sung bits sound like Al Green being done at karaoke by David Beckham


Ghost town is amazing


The outro of Ghost Town is the best part of the album I think, I was convinced it was the singer from Superorganism.


Not into it at all. Paper thin, no head nodders, no hooks and devoid of joy. Still got all his other records though so it’s all good.


Though it’s certainly the worst-reviewed of his albums to date, I see there’s still been a fair few decent review scores, including from places which were banging the ‘Kanye’s gone too far, we can’t separate the artist from the art this time!’ drum the most (coughPitchforkAVClubcough). It’s almost as if that was all empty posturing on their part. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!