Kanye West 2018


His verse on What Would Meek Do? is better than anything on ye :neutral_face:


Kinda like Trump huh?


Bit of a shocker that this album wasn’t available for my commute this morning




Nice one. Will still probably wait just because otherwise I’ll say it’s only rubs because of the sound quality or something


It’s on Tidal and Google Play now anyway


It’s up everywhere now and…it’s actually pretty good.


Its better than ye but, still garbage compare compared to Daytona.


Less is more when it comes to Cudi, eh? Seems considerably better than Ye at least


Thank you, needed the rant! x


As expected the production work on Kids See Ghosts is amazing. So much better than Ye imo. Definitely prefer the vibes on this one.

In a perfect world Kanye would retract all his comments and then release an ambient album.


“I was just getting y’all really riled up so I can really calm you down”


I’ve listened to ye a lot.

I found the opening track really quite distressing tbh. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not here in 5 yrs.

But ultimately the rest of it is paper-thin.



OK so kind of into Kids See Ghost after several listens. Could almost have been tossed out somewhere between MBDTF and Yeezus, which means that they’re in their comfort zone a bit and not really doing anything new (even the Murakami artwork suggests inspiration found in previously covered ground), but it also means both give something a bit closer to what might be considered their creative peaks.

Ye’s raps are much tighter. Cudi finally works a track with guitars on it without making it sound like some kind of bizarre outsider art. It actually sounds like they finished the tracks before putting them out.

It’s also not a work of art for the ages, but had ye never been released, you’d think that with this and Daytona he’d be on a pretty warm streak as a producer. And if he does manage to release 5 short albums each with their own sound within 5 weeks, that’s also no mean feat.


I’m really enjoying Kids See Ghosts too probably even more so than Daytona and I agree about Kanye’s raps being tighter on it which is also a little confusing. As good as a song like Ghost Town is it still has moments of mumbled/unfinished lyrics which I guess must be intentional.


Isn’t the working theory that this has been in the mix for a while longer than Ye’s two week gestation?

Collaboration is the one thing that surely forces Kanye to actually consider things because most other artists don’t want to make albums in 14 days. I may be wrong though.


Agreed on all points. Perhaps the problem is one of perception. If these releases weren’t called albums and were treated more as fun EPs to allow Ye to get back into the swing of things, people would be more forgiving I think.

My worry is that these releases aren’t building towards a more considered work though.


Not listened to Ye at all. But finally catching up with Daytona which is great. One track especially which does that thing where it drops the sample of an old track directly in and switches to it, usually turns me off, but this is really good.


Ha. Well the crackpot theory would be that Kanye recorded another album in Wyoming that he spent more than 2 weeks on and it’s coming at the end of this run

But realistically, I think he’s backed himself into a bit of a corner creatively where he feels the need for every record to be pushing hip hop forward, but doesn’t really have a direction to go in. A good pop album isn’t enough. The retro-Kanye upgrade of Daytona and the mid period-Kanye reload of Kids See Ghosts wouldn’t wash. So instead we get a short, raw, messy record intended to give the impression of experimentation. And yeah it reflects his bipolar, but since everyone called the lastalbum schizophrenic it just seems like an even less coherent version of that