Kanye West 2018


It’s ‘The King of Limbs Part 2’ all over again!


Exactly. This album is rubbish, so there must be another one just around the corner!


Weird that Pitchfork slated one and said the other was begrudgingly really good but gave them both basically the same score


They really should have knocked a couple of points off that score, or, failing that, gotten someone else to write the review (once they’d decided the team at large liked it. Ie - once they’d been taken to Wyoming)


For all their bluster, Kanye’s won this one again hasn’t he. The music press will all be raging at him for going to Trump’s re-election campaign rallies in 2020 whilst giving the new album 7/10


Meh. Putting too much stock into what they think, that ain’t his cultural capital. White bearded music critics will keep moralising over and analysing his records. Pitchfork will inevitably become some old man publication, Kanye to them as Bono is to Rolling Stone or some shit. But Kanye ain’t so cool, kids won’t bump his tracks while hanging on street corners, DJs won’t play his records. In that sense, he’s very much lost.


And yeah, all the conversation translated into slightly improved first week sales numbers for ye, but I’ll be amazed if that album is hanging around in the charts for more than a couple of weeks


True, though does anything other than the Greatest Showman OST hang around the charts these days?


Drake’s last album hasn’t left the US charts in 2 years since release. Pretty sure the same is true about DAMN in over a year. Ye probably won’t last the summer


Grown on me so much. Probably the best thing, front to back, that Ye’s put out since MBDTF. And Cudi, ever.

Shame about ye, and all the other unpleasantness. Still puts a dampner on it


Well Kim did say in some interview he had a whole other album completed then scrapped it all and recorded ye in two weeks. But this strikes me as the manic behavior of someone with serious problems rather than part of some grand strategy to come back with a masterpiece album after we’re done with all these mini-LPs.

Everything on Daytona feels like it was recorded relatively recently too which makes you wonder about all the potentially great Push tracks from previous iterations of his album.


was not expecting to be greeted this morning by two sets of wazzo jugs. err, thanks kanye?


7 songs with the lemonheads


So err, we going to talk about this or what? (blurred for NSFW)


Definitely the first time anyone has used nudity in a fashion shoot so yeah probably worth taking about at length


I’m more surprised the tweet’s still up more than anything


I think twitter allows nudity doesn’t it? Also he’s blurred the highly offensive female body parts so it’s probably fine


I guess so? Just seemed quite a surprise when it popped up on t/l late last night


Nudity? Well he’s crossed the line for me! I am outraged.


please see my previous post