Kanye West 2018


alright fine fuck ys he’s a wank anyway


Nas album out this Friday?




KSG actually has some decent stuff and it made me go back and listen to YE. Ye is very very awful


Clear influence on “ye” imo


Hopefully King Push still exists in some form. Presumably this Nas album isn’t the one that he claimed was finished two years ago either. Think these might end up being albums in addition to other new material? For everyone except Kanye at least.


Kind of nuts how forgettable ye is. However I am really enjoying Kids See Ghosts.

Definitely wish these were just EPs, in an ideal world (in that he hadn’t lost all goodwill) they would be a pretty great throat clear after TLOP.


I’m personally very onboard with 7 track 23 minute albums. Most albums have too many songs on them already.


the only good thing about 74 minute long rapsinger albums back in the day was that you got your money’s worth for £16.99


Your money’s worth and at least 6 terrible skits


That was the whole model. It wasn’t solely that rappers just had no quality control, but a full disc would sell better. Like @lastdino says “oh wow, 17 tracks” - then half of them are skits but it’s too late cos you’ve already bought it. Even on major label rock albums there’d be a tendency to throw a load of bonus tracks on the end to pad them out.

As CD sales became less important, major rap albums became more streamlined, then started ballooning again recently as it became evident that more tracks = more streams = more money and more equivalent “sales”. So Kanye’s intentionally going against the grain with super-short albums


Or he just can’t be arsed writing owt else


Releasing 35 songs self-produced songs (largely decent) in a month isn’t exactly lazy either


Aye, I mean at his early 00s production peak, he might have been releasing as much material, but it was all kind of similar chipmunk soul stuff he could churn out. So far these records have had different ideas and sounds, so while not as impressive as five full albums, and even though his own record did seem half arsed, particularly in terms of the songwriting, it’s not like he’s slacked off


had another listen to both last night.

think ye is actually quite good. its a bit forgettable perhaps but its not a bad album.

really like the Cudi one. Reborn is a track


You can listen to the Nas album here. Just having a skip through as I’d rather wait for MP3s/Spotify but it sounds decent. I’m digging the track with the Slick Rick sample.


Same. Maybe Nas realised that his last good album only had 10 tracks.


Nas spent his whole career trolling a 10 song LP with DJ Premier that was just around the corner, then delivering something else entirely. I kinda find it endearing. Do we need another Illmatic? Do we need a 40+ year old Nas trying make one? He’s released a bunch of good albums and a huge number of great tracks and verses in his career since. So much so that Nas doing Illmatic was probably the weaker part of the Illmatic live show, it really came to life when he started playing his other hits.

Not gonna listen to this properly until it drops on Spotify, but couldn’t help skipping through, and I’m glad that the production isn’t a load of 90s NY boom bap retreads trying to recreate Illmatic. But hopefully the brevity will help


Didn’t say I wanted another Illmatic necessarily, but I’m surprised he never decided to take a similar approach with any of his other albums - short, no/few guest spots, one producer (or executive producer) - until now.

Still not on Spotify from what I can see, but found some MP3s I’ve been listening to in the meantime. Quite like it. The short length works for me, but that may be because I’ve found his last few albums a bit of a chore. Must have already played this about 6 times.


Oh yeah, I wasn’t saying you, just people in general. I agree that he could benefit from some editing but yeah that’s like 90% of rap music, so I’m used to it.

Apparently Mike Dean has been (and still might be) mixing the album. So maybe best to wait for the mixed version before rinsing it