Kanye West 2018


Oh right - wonder where this leak is from? Doesn’t look/sound like was ripped from that video stream, but maybe it was. Quite want this t-shirt, but works out at £45 with shipping…


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Sure it’s already been said, but this album reminds me a bit of Jay-Z’s 4:44. The difference being 4:44 didn’t sound like it was No ID’s album.


On Spotify now. Sounds good!


Not sure this partnership worked all that well on first listen


Kanyes vocals on everything are really nice.


The anti-vax lyrics on Everything are some of cringiest awful shit i’ve heard in a long time. I hate how Nas always mixes in nonsense conspiracy theory shit with genuine political points, the former act to totally undermine the latter.


Aye. Probably one of the underrated things that bring Nas albums post Illmatic down a notch. As soon as he stopped writing about what he saw in front of him, and started writing about wider issues, he became a lot less lucid and perceptive


Out of all the projects in the pipeline this was the one I was looking forward to most. After a couple of listens I can’t escape the feeling it falls short of the sum of its parts. Some of the production flourishes are great and there’s the odd verse that holds up but it just feels like Nas is grasping for subject matter. The artwork, the samples and the track names all feel like an attempt to frame the album as a political one but there isn’t really any substance or conviction to back it up.


Alright so takes on Nasir:

  • The mixing is absolute balls. To the extent that even some of the best tracks like “Adam and Eve” are almost ruined. You know, it really sounds like Mike Dean mixed it up, half-cut, between the hours of 4am and 9am immediately after the listening party. As someone said upthread, Kanye used to guarantee painstaking quality and now he just rushes things time and time again to meet weird self imposed deadlines.

  • Nas has been pretty musically conservative his entrire career and it’s nice to hear him on some beats that are a bit more adventurous. That said, he does not bring his A game to the verses at all. Some of the least gripping work on the mic of his entire career here. Kanye has to be at least somewhat responsible for not bringing out his best. The chemistry he had with Pusha is not replicated.

  • When Kanye meets Nas on his level it mostly works well. A three song EP of “Cops Shot the Kid”, “White Label” and “Adam and Eve” would make me hungry for more. That said, Nas feels technically comfortable on Bonjour but it’s feels like a corny middle aged man rap bonus cut from Life is Good – proper filler, should have no place on a 7 song album.

  • The opener and “Everything” feel like Kanye ft Nas albums. I’d say Everything was completely wasted on this album. Actually really like Kanye’s singing on this track and it could be the centerpiece to a Yeezy redemption album, but it just feels like them reaching for common ground and struggling to find it.

Ultimately, a mixed bag, without really great verses. It might be a keeper for the music alone if it was mixed better? Have found myself listening to it a fair bit but still can’t really justify giving it more than about a 6/10


Last of these today. Strange that Ye decided to round it off with the one that would obviously be least hyped, but still interested to see how Teyana’s album turns out


8 tracks?!


Can’t even stick to that


Above I joked that Kanye’s own album would end up being the least-liked, I might have actually been right. That or Nasir have gone down the worst anyway


KTSE is quite lovely I think although Kanyes verse and the last track stand out like a bit of a sore thumb compared to the rest of it, wish the first the track was a bit longer too. I love the sample in Gonna Love Me.


Mad that Jaar used that Delfonics sample this year as well.


Yeah this is quite nice. Lol’d at the ‘NO FADE OUTS’ at the end of Hurry


For me, KSG > Daytona > KTSE > Nasir > Ye

Though I reckon many will see Daytona as more accomplished, KSG is the most compete and musically interesting album and the one I’ll return to the most. Ye is the weakest, but as a curiosity will probably still retain more long term interest than Nasir, because Nas’s performance is so below par


Will this be as painful as the NYT Arrested Development cast interview? Read on to find out!


Perhaps it is not surprising to learn that eight days before its release, Kanye said, he’d had none of the lyrics of “Ye” written. And he still went to see “Deadpool 2.” Twice.