Kanye West 2018


I basically agree with you but I feel no need to ever listen to Nasir again, just so fucking dull and cringe worthy. I really don’t need to hear Nas rapping about ‘creamy polenta’. Despite thinking I hate it I feel strangely drawn to Ye, maybe trying to work out if there’s anything remotely good about it?

Daytona is basically perfect as far as i’m concerned, just wish it was longer. I quite like KSG but it still feels quite messy and unfinished to me. So for me:

Daytona > KSG > KTSE > Ye > Nasir

Weirdly Ty Dollar $ign is the low key star of all these albums, nails all his bit. But then maybe that’s because I just love Ty.


Never thought i’d be listening to a ballroom banger produced by Kanye featuring Mykki Blanco but this fucking bangs.


Yeah I can live with that order too. As I said, think Daytona is technically better than KSG but KSG has more feels and is more musically dense so I think it just edges it for me in terms of replayablity. It also comes closest to feeling like a complete album rather than an EP.

Exactly the same thoughts on Nasir. Kanye’s at a point, like Dylan for example, where even a complete misstep will be endlessly dissected and revisited. Someone up there made the Self Portrait comparison I think. Nas doesn’t get the same pass.


Hurry is a proper 2005 Kanye production right down to the verse and I love it


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Actually really loving KTSE, all the beats are great and Teyana slays. Really reminds me of K Michelle in her versatility.

But like Daytona I just wish it was longer. I’m all for brevity but can we have 45 minute albums not 20 minute ones.




Next up: Sufjan Stevens and Kanye present California


seven swongs


every song was a banger, loved it. also love how provocative it is


I doubt there’ll be many takers here, but Ye is out on CD now. And Daytona appears to be out next week on CD. Would be good if Kids see Ghosts got a CD release at some point.


The Teyanna Taylor album is brilliant if short


Not sure what to make of this whole thing in hindsight.

3 of the 5 albums are still up there with my favourite releases of the year. But the most anticipated, the Kanye album, is still a proper mess and I think I’d still have preferred one incredible full length (at least for Pusha and possibly KSG that was within reach) than 5 sort of sampler records

Like Pablo, it kind of showcases just enough glimpses of brilliance for the slapdash creative process to be completely infuriating


More interested in YE as time goes on, listened to it a good bit this week.


Completely the opposite tbh. Listened to it 3-4 times in the week it came out but it’s so laughably bad I’d be surprised if I ever intentionally put it on again in my life.

Kids See Ghosts is decent, mind


The only Kanye album that has not got one song among my favourite Kanye tracks on it. Barely even has a song I like, though the first song is an intriguing train crash and Yikes is ok. The KSG one is ok but worse than anything on that album.

Somewhat curious listening but… pretty bad.


Yeah I think that’s what gets me about it. Just the sound of not living in the real world for 10+ years


Kids See Ghosts and Daytona are both great.


Pusha > KSG > Teyana Taylor
All good. Can’t imagining listening to either of the others ever again


I wish I could forget that Nas album even existed.