Kanye West 2018


I still have both of these, as well as Ghost Town, in rotation three months after they came out. Not bad going all things considered.


Love that Ye wanted Drake to collaborate with him on Lift Yourself. “Hey man I know we’ve not always seen eye to eye but I’ve got this sick track I’d love you to bless with a verse. Right after the poopity-scoop one.”





K.T.S.E >> Ye > Daytona > KSG > that mess

I really can’t understand what fascinates me about ye. It’s really not on the same level as any of his other albums but I keep coming back to it.


@pichaelmarker Probably the same thing that’s had me watch The Room at least 5 times.

But at least The Room was enjoyable in an unintended sense


This belongs in the ‘Truly awful music’ thread from a few months ago. Makes Chuggo look like high art.

For the record, MBDTF is an all time favourite of mine - I just wish he’d stop being such a disappointing ass.


…actually, let’s go one further. This music has made me physically angry in a way I haven’t felt since Rock DJ was no.1


Rock DJ is a great song


I like the big square outfits that look like they’ve been made out of a sofa.

Song is a pile of shit tho


It’s like bathing in histamine


Can’t think of a record that is similar in the majesty of the opener Ultralight beam and the start of Father Stretch my Hands and then immediately has me recoiling as soon as the line about fucking a model after her bleaching her arsehole hits. Like,Im used to it now but still wish it wasn’t there. It’s basically like Weezer’s career trajectory in 1 and a half songs


On one hand
Kanye looks fucking hysterical
on the other hand

on the other other hand. some how kanye is the best thing about this track


Kanye’s been on such lyrical autopilot ever since Pablo. Even when Yeezus was insane it was generally interesting. All he ever seems to talk about now is his dick and haters.

Such a shame - I was listening to that interview he gave for Late Registration when it came out (as part of a podcast about Frank Ocean) where he derailed it to talk about homophobia in hip hop (before any names of his size were doing that) and I thought, fuck, I used to love this guy.


Big news for everyone: gone back to yeezus. This was released at the peak of my obsession with him when i was freshly 17 so has some memories with it. But damn is it unforgivably clipped to shit. ‘i am a god’ is completely fucking washed out to the point where it sounds like nothing is happening at all with it.

Would definitely stick this on over MBDTF any day though. Blood on the leaves is fucking great


Now I know the context of the new song (it was released for the PornHub awards?) I understand why it’s oso trashy and lazy and is clearly has its tongue firmly in cheek. But it’s still a bit shit


God damn it Spike Jonze, get on with doing a new film, not being Executive Producer on this nonsense!


Does make more sense, but still a terrible sounding piece of music.


Yeah but im not going to assume its his new direction or owt


Love Kanye’s Father Dougal expression about twenty seconds in