Kanye West 2018


I said this at the time - the mix is so bad. All this nonsense about it sounding raw when its basically just unfinished. Audible clipping all over the shop.


Hot take: all the Kanye albums since 808s sound like shit. Obviously, particularly Yeezus and Ye, but even MBDTF succeeds in spite of the mixing. Weird, because his first four albums all sound great


Preach! Like Gorgeous on MBDTF - should be a great tune but vocals sound like they were recorded in a bin.


MBDTF spends most of its run time clipping and its still great. Imagine if it had been mastered properly!


MBDTF coulda done with 3 mins clipping off the end of every track amirite?


Hopefully he’ll be performing Lift Yourself


3 albums on the cards now. Yandhi, Good Ass Job and WTF2.


They’re all the same as TurboGraffix16, it’s just Kanye keeping the #hype up


Watch the Frone


WTT 2 is just bollocks I reckon. The Chance album is more likely.

Yandhi actually has an SNL performance (Ye’s typical way of annoucning a record), cover art and release date attached to it… Soooo… whatever it is, it might be coming?


Really hope he releases this as a MiniDisc exclusive


A little further investigating suggests “Yandhi” will probably be the subject of an SNL parody skit rather than a new album


Also yeah, the MiniDisc thing further suggests this is a piss take. Didn’t clock that when I first saw it


yeah, this.


Whatever it turns out to be, people love to jump the gun:




Yeah, went on the Reddit page for Kanye to see if there was any info, and there’s just hundreds of fanboys shitting themselves in excitement and not one raising any of the suspicions mentioned here


Kanye is attempting to invent message boards.


Petition to replace all likes with ^Thises


We live in a strange world where Kanye’s porn hub song is maybe his second biggest hit of the decade