Kanye West 2018


This reminds of being in a job interview and getting a question you have no clue about. You get asked about logistics optimization software or something , so you just panic talk and before you know it you’re mentioning “how playing in a dodgeball league has developed your team working skills.”


when people stop qoute-tweeting him for #BANTS! - that’s when we’ll know it’s all over


was he not always like that on some level? even the Katrina thing - came from great intentions obviously but he just sounded like he was rambling incoherently



I am a recovering Kanye apologist. No longer. Not because of the above story obviously that’s just funny. I used to passionately defend this dude as a genius now I agree with others on here, he’s now just an antagonistic narcissist. Always was— his genius just covered it like butter on a fat ass vitamin. One thing a long term music addict figures out is genius is not a permanent state for most artists. Genius can be quite fleeting, the ancient Greeks were on to something with their concept of the creative muses. Well, the muses have left Kanye’s building and all we are left with is the imploding remains of true narcissist with a megaphone. I hope he gets some mental health help but narcissists never do because a belief in infallibility and persistent personal brilliance despite all apparent indications otherwise is a symptom of the condition.


He still delivered the beat of the year in ‘If You Know You Know’. Muses still knocking about somewhere.


This sub-plot is getting out of hand



Yes Len!


Posthumous beeves!


just seems a bit racist to me

pre-2004 Jay/pre-2011 Kanye >>>>>>>>> any leonard cohen


Not sure about it being racist (though if people do feel that it is offensive then please can we ask the mods to remove the post). Unsure why Jay Z gets a mention really; don’t recall him comparing himself to Dylan (?). But Kanye has always compared himself to famous figures, hasn’t he?

Dunno, seems weird that Cohen would even write like a ‘diss poem’ in the first place…


it’s alright i’m not accusing you in any way - just find it a bit weird that a cranky old white dude saw kanye get announced as glasto headliner and wrote a poem about ‘bullshit culture’ and chucked in Jay Z for good measure


The “Jay Z is not the Dylan of anything” is very Liam Gallagher


Wow, Kanye is live right now from the Oval Office with Trump just rattling off a long stream of nonsensical garbage. If you make Donald Trump look like the sane one something is seriously wrong with your head.


I like it and also think it’s everything you said.

“I am the Kanye West Kanye West thinks he is” is definitely a good line though


Has anyone posted the Pete Davidson thing? It’s pretty good


Missed a trick not getting him in a red United cap


Make United Great Again


well yeah he’s bipolar and openly admits (is proud of the fact?) he’s not taking his medication. no excuses, his responsibility. but there definitely is something seriously wrong with his mental health