Kanye West 2020

Could easily have been far more damaging. There’s really no difference between his erratic and unhinged behavior and Trumps.

Also raw votes are one thing but I still think just the undermining of the democratic process by creating a circus, and of a very particular type, just feeds into the chaos required for Trump to thrive.

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Imo the Americans undermined their own democratic process with the electoral college, campaign financing, voter suppression and gerrymandering way before Kanye was a write in candidate in a few states


Symptom not cause

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I’m think that when a person uses such a crucial election as an opportunity for self-promotion they deserve all the criticism they get, regardless of what the other faults of the system are


My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is 10 tomorrow. Downloaded a rip of the vinyl in absence of having a copy of the record myself. Mix is so much better. Been a while since I’ve listened to it in full after becoming a little bit bored of it.

It still sounds ludicrously ambitious in a way that hasn’t really been matched in the years since. Perhaps it’s difficult to actually make an LP that sounds more lavish and laboured over without ending up absurdly and comically grandiose (y’know, even this is borderline). It stands up if only because no one has been able to meet it on those terms. Relatively few rap albums even bothered (which isn’t a bad thing, it’s a massively expensive and in some ways elitist rap record, but the lack of true imitators does keep it relatively fresh). Something like ‘All of the Lights’ still sounds like an alternative vision of what the future of mainstream rap music could have been. I guess the album drags slightly around ‘Blame Game’ and that skit, but that’s the closest thing to a duff note on it.

Not my favourite Kanye album, or style, but I’m glad he managed to make it before going too far off the deep end to complete a work of its scope. Does confuse me that he went to such lengths to record an album then put out such a dodgy mix, but the vinyl more or less corrects that. A toast to the asshole who was still able to make music that soared :beer:


Would love to have been a fly on the wall during those Hawaii sessions. Also hear those unused Madlib tracks.

Gonna try hunt down the vinyl version and give a listen tomorrow.

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Aw balls, I had the chance to buy the vinyl version for a non-silly price a few years ago but read somewhere the mix was really bad and didn’t bother. am grumpy now.

It’s been reissued a few times. Should be able to get a decent copy from somewhere.

808 is the one that goes for silly money or used to about 5 years ago.

o nice, I’ll have a look once I have a record player again. I’ve been mainly out of the vinyl game for a good few years now because I’ve been a bit transient and not bothered getting a new player when I got sick of fixing and replacing components on the old one I have.

I got it for €40 a few years back, was always miffed about the comments regarding the mix. It sounds great to my ears, used to always use it when DJ-ing and never heard any deficiencies through either my home system or any that I played out on.


Every few years I manage to convince myself MBDTF is bad because of all the weird and silly stuff on but then I stick it on and it completely works


In terms of the sheer realisation of such an ambitious, ludicrous vision it’s the tennest of tens. No-one else could make a record like that and most wouldn’t bother to try. As you say, still sounds like the future in parts, but also now feels like the culmination of that post-Internet anything goes style when all the time it felt like people were trying to change the course of pop music. It’s not a rap record, not really (although Gorgeous is one of his best rap performances), it’s just a huge mad alternate pop record.

Just makes everything that’s happened since even more sad.


Great post.

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Funnily enough I have the exact opposite experience. Go back to it thinking I must have missed something in it because so many people consider it a modern classic, and every time I come away from it reconfirming how much I dislike it. It’s an absolute mess to my ears.



Fucking Hell, just had a vicious flashback to listening to the record while off my tits on MDMA with three of my mates. Might not be able to listen to the album for a while now.


Someone once commented that Nicki Minaj’s rap on Monsta is the best thing she’s done and a persuasive argument.

Yeah, another massive fan here. Never owned it on vinyl, but the most recent issue is a decent price. Not sure if it’s a good mix.

Anyone got the 2016 pressing of MBDTF? Prices seem to be slightly less eye watering than others. Never thought I’d get round to buying it but very tempted now.

For me, the CD/MP3/stream version sounds super compressed, whereas the vinyl mix has more dynamic range. Neither are flawless but I much prefer the latter. I used to live with someone with a copy of the vinyl and will pick it up when I actually have a turntable again, but even on the FLAC rips you can find on file sharing networks, I can hear the difference.

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