Kanye West 2020

Just listened to 808s for the first time in years. Never been high on my list of his albums but it’s simply stunning. From College Drop Out to this to MBDTF to Yeezus, with everything in between. One of the absolute musical all time greats no matter what an arse he is.

Edit. Sorry this wasn’t meant specifically for you.

Double edit: Robocop is amazing. An affectionate, funny song encouraging listeners not to get hung up on how many people their partners have previously slept with. Sounds like he’s smiling all the way through it.


Maybe his most underrated song

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Oh wow, so that hologram thing was genuine?!?

We all seem this Jeffree Star bollix that’s going around?

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Had to google.

It appears to be a baseless rumour but it’s massively doing the rounds (or at least was before the nation’s capitol set on fire) and seems very unlikely but would be some turn of events

So Kanye got them to storm the Capitol to stop this rumour. Massive dead cat.


Love the bit at the end where he sounds so vulnerable and open

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He also called momager Kris Jenner “Kris Jong-Un” and claimed that the Kardashians were trying to force him into psychiatric treatment.




See also


The dates make it look like this was done a day before the original tweet!? Brb hiring a PI

I’ve learned a valuable lesson here. That lesson is to wait a couple of years then repost this same joke on Twitter and rake in the likes.