Kanye West 2021

How did a quite good idea turn out to be so terrible?

It’s very amusing how Father Stretch My Hands is originally one of the worst Kanye sex raps and they’re all singing it now

Kanye ballses up the initially promising idea of a gospel rap album mk 2

If my alcohol induced memory serves he described the album after Yeezus “a summer time bbq gospel album” my memory might be a bit fuzzy.

TLOP was supposed to be a rap gospel album yeah. There’s definitely bits of that but also lots of bits where he abandoned the concept entirely

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If I was to pick an odd album for this decade TLOP is it. I swing from this is brilliant to this is utter shite every time I here it. It is so fucking odd.


Kanye West comes on stage to a sold-out audience and records his album in front of everyone/starts up his new cult/both


Time for bed

Meant to be out Sunday now. Presumably on Sunday Kim will tweet it’s now out on 31st September or say they did have a new album but the dog ate it


New tracklist too, including New Body from the Yandhi leaks. The good news is that most certainly wasn’t a Christian rap song when I checked out the demo. The bad news is the tracklist isn’t settled on and the album is still being mixed.

There’s also definitely an IMAX movie coming out in October, based on this album that definitely exists, that people will definitely pay money to go to see.

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Maybe the film will be streaming on Kanye’s new streaming service Kanyevision?

I mean hundreds of people have now heard this album in Detroit so I’m feeling pretty hopeful about Sunday all things given

His merch suggests this is an ep rather than an album

Well his last LP was 7 tracks long and 23 minutes. So is this EP gonna be like 45 seconds? If so it better be the best 45 seconds I ever heard.

Srsly though, track list shows 10 tracks so would be odd to call it an EP

That is some interesting hand writing

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May well have been an EP when they designed the jumper? It’s been two different albums since then I guess so who knows what it will land as…

Might also just play at 45 and therefore can technically be classed as an EP (I think that’d right but I’m no vinyl expert).

Fwiw it’s also been confirmed from the listening party last night that it’s a proper hip hop album that’s in no way scripture based like the Sunday Services

So it died on friday but might be back on sunday :thinking:


The Fiery Furnaces did an EP that was 40 minutes (and Autechre did an EP that was 70 minutes), maybe he’s taking a lead from them!