Kanye West 2021

More likely before the end of October:

  • The UK actually leaves the EU
  • Kanye West actually releases this new album

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It’s always surprisingly difficult to tell the extent to which Kanye is being deadly serious or taking everyone along for a ride.

Either way, this project sounds like it’s gonna be so rubbish.

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Yeah that’s true he has never been particularly brilliant at following projects and statements through.

I’d love to know how many projects he’s cancelled over the years I make it at least 3 albums canned and a “video game”.

That phrase “new songs” on the blue vinyl artwork above makes me think he’s rowing this right back, and we’re getting like three tracks.

Did say it was an EP on the merch, as discussed above.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was making it up as he goes along.

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Like the idea that he’s just going to sing about quite depraved things from now on but, he does it in the name of God and he isn’t rapping. Then his defence is, it is not rap music.

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You always save the West til last

Even Spotify have fallen for it now

Pspsst the artist/label sets that

I think he should never release any album ever again. Just announce things and don’t let people fuck


Also declared himself the ‘greatest human artist of all time’, said he was addicted to porn, and that the Trump thing was ‘God’s practical joke’.

Looking forward to listening to this tomorrow SIKE

This is it lads I can feel it in my bones hes never let me down before



So the film, at least, has come out

A 35 minute art film based around bible verses? Sign ME up

At opening night screenings in New York City on Thursday evening, hours before the release of Kanye’s new album of the same name


“If it’s really all about religion, why is he charging $18 for it?”


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Now on his Spotify


Just a playlist of various Kanye tracks and others.