Kanye West 2021

Oh god

That’s been up for days with the tagline “Jesus is King is coming.” (see my post above.) The tracklist and “midnight” were posted on his Twitter yesterday… didn’t say midnight what day though.


Check and mate

Midnight on the west coast is 8am here. Last chance, ye!

Ah sorry, it looked different in your screenshot so I thought it was an album placeholder of some sort

Lmao at waking up to find this still isn’t a thing.

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Suuuuure, Kanye. Suuuuure.




Maybe he should have named it Jesus Fucking Christ…


Kanye right now

Mike Dean right now

Mike Dean is a ref joke


There’s a 10:10 screening of the film at my local imax.

Reckon it’ll be empty enough that I could get away with replying to emails on my phone and give the impression I’m still actually working?


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  • Whenever I read about this oft delayed Kanye project I get ‘Jesus is the king of ding a ling a ling ling’ stuck in my head
  • No I don’t have this
  • Well I didn’t have this affliction, but I do now

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He talks such absolute fucking nonsense. Get Paxman in to shut this bollocks down.

I like that even now people are astonished when a celebrity (especially one always known for being mad) talks nonsense

He’s been doing it forever but, everytime I think he’s done I’m always wrong. Suppose just as duplicitous in watching it as well.

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Don’t think I can bring myself to watch this. Take it Lowe just lets him run wild as per?

evangelical trump supporter

just, kanye, stop it

Why would he considering he’s 1. mad rich guy and 2. knows it gets attention

i like to think underneath it all, he’s a good guy, but everything he does suggests he’s the ultimate narcissist

You’ll all be smirking on the other side of your face when this album turns out to be the greatest thing anyone has ever heard ever!