Kanye west - hospitalised?






Kanye West…is…hospitalised


He has been sounding emotional lately - more the Jay Z stuff than Trump (which is just a crazy opinion). Apparently he’s been working flat out on his fashion line. Hope he gets healthy.

Sincerely wish he still worked like that on his music though.


fuck this guy. 2 or 3 solid albums aside, this chump brings nothing but utter bullshit and nonsense to the party. fuck him


You spelt his name wrong.


Rounded off to a medical centre for psychiatric evaluation. hope he gets help if he needs it. Was always a bit of a chump, but it’s gone too far.


he needs a kanye rest


To get back to his Kanye best?

(In all seriousness, I hope he is okay.)


they’ll have to conduct some kanye tests


Not a good time to do some kanye jests.


I think I’ve already had enough of these Kanye Jests!


Blah, beat me to it!


Poor guy. Hope he gets better soon, he seems to have some issues


Kanye Breast.


I miss the old Kanye


I have a lot of love for him and hope he’s ok.
That’s all.




On the one hand he invites a lot of criticism because he can be incredibly irritating and obnoxious, often just for the sake of it. But it’s clear that he’s also got some mental health issues going on and he could probably do with some help. Hope he gets it.


absolutely this. i’m glad he’s getting some help. i hope it works out for him and he can get back to making great records.