Kanye West - thread contains discussion of his racism and sexism.


7 songs long. Let’s hope it’s as good as/better than the best bits of TLoP but with the quality control that album desperately needed

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The album with Cudi should be good


Yasssssssss! Yeezy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Loving his current head state. Sounds like these have been made in a private and considered fashion. Fair to say Pablo was the tail end of a manic period (and still better than most artist’s efforts).

Any time Kanye’s been humbled he’s come back with Fire. V excited for this.

I will listen to these albums, fair to say.


First time I’ve been interested in a Kanye album in nearly a decade

Imagine it was just covers of derek and Clive skits


five years ago he was promising that the follow up to yeezus would be eight songs long, looks like he finally got round to making a short album Kanye West plans to make minimalist eight-track album | Kanye West | The Guardian

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Wouldn’t really suprise if a number of details change still. Obviously Pablo took it to new extremes but he’s always been fiddling with his albums up until the last minute. And fibbing about them in the build up to the release.

Also could be 7 prog songs clocking in at 74 minutes


yes you’re right, it’ll probably be completely different in reality, he can’t help himself. would love a prog Kanye album

The ‘living album’ bullshit is still one of the dumbest things in the history of music


I wanna know what happened to Turbo Grafx 16 and the Drake collab lol.

Turbo Grafx 16 was so obviously never a thing from the first minute. Just a blatant porky. Did think a Chance collaboration (A Good Ass Job) was more on the cards than a Cudi one though

Drake was dropped from All of the Lights as well wasn’t he. I don’t think they would have much chemistry on a track together.



Yeah I know. Can’t believe a word Yeezy says till it actually happens.

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I quite liked that glow tune on More Life.

I think the last album (and to an extent, Yeezus) showed that he needs people to stand over him to reign in his weird indulgences and get him to edit his work a bit more. I’m well down for two concise albums, if that’s what we’re getting

I hope these are physical releases.

Still feels weird not owning a copy of Pablo that I can hold in my hands.