Karma Police

Not trying to be controversial or anything, and I love the song, but why isn’t there more talk about how much Karma Police sounds like Sexy Sadie? Because I’m a huge loser I watch and listen to loads of reactions and reviews, and nobody ever mentions it. For me it’s uncanny.

arrest this man


You made a fool of everyone

Because Sexy Sadie doesn’t exist

Always has been talk of that as far as I’m concerned.

Was my first thought when I heard it (no idea if that was the first play of the album as there was often a big Evening Session show for this sort of thing that could be a few days before).

Good shitposting energy this one


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Or ‘High And Dry’ cribbing from ‘Slow Love’ by Prince.

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they took all the sexy out of it

Sadie by Radiohead

Sadie O’Head


Sexy Sadio Mane

ooh yeah this is what you get when you mess with RADIOHEAD, classic brtish hard men

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I liked some singles from Radiohead but Karma Police is what hooked me.