Kasabian (maybe done) CW: Abuse.

mods edit - for context, Meighan’s domestic violence only came to light midway through this thread

Sad news for the scaffolding industry


As if the city of Leicester hasn’t gone through enough recently


I wasn’t a massive fan but it’s a shame for Tom who I thought always seemed like a decent guy.


I hope there’s a lot of this in this thread and not too much “shit music for cunts”.

Poor guy.


Yeah not sure I can ride the glee train when its in regards to someone’s personal issues


Hope he alright, would seem a big deal to make a statement like this when they could easily go on a couple of year break an no one would question such are album cycles these days.

The mutual consent part made me think of a manager in the relegation zone though


The non-existent train, you mean?

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Poor bloke. Huge decision for a band. Hope he pulls through okay.

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I hope her gets the help he needs.
A friends band supported kasabian at a gig in brighton about 10 years ago and we met Tom, couldn’t have been a more friendly and lovely guy.


Got dragged along to see Serge’s solo project last year and it was actually brilliant, he’s a really good frontman. Can probably see them just getting a bass player in and him doing all the vocals/“c’mon then” posturing.


I saw this didn’t see Mike Joyce liking it. I didn’t get the joke if I’m honest.

Blew too many roofs off. Not a fan (liked the first album) but hope he sorts himself out.

Feels a bit weird for people to be dunking on them if he’s going to rehab/therapy or whatever. Probably my least favourite band but they must’ve been going almost 20 years, a good while by any stretch.


there are more posts about not dunking on them that there are anything else in this thread.

I was elected to lead not to read


Your first paragraph would be true at any point, but particularly at the moment where no-one’s going to be doing much for the foreseeable.

Hope he’s alright. Not my favourite band by any stretch and I enjoy the roof gags on here, but they’re a better band than they’re given credit for (first couple of albums anyway)


Sad news. Tom was a regular guest on the BBC Leicester City podcast for a long while and seemed lovely, he disappeared a while ago and I was wondering what happened.

My mate supported Kasabian years ago just as he was getting into music and him and Serge were SO friendly to him, texted each other for a while after giving advice on the industry and stuff like that. They seem like good lads.

Banger after banger too, ofc.


POTW nomination.