Kate Bush - Before the Dawn

Live album from her 2014 residency. Shame that it doesn’t look like we’ll get the video from it - it was an amazing gig/experience

Seems a bit pointless without the video

Yeah I can only assume she wasn’t happy with the video, being the perfectionist she is.

can’t stop listening to this. holy fuck

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Same here. It’s a beast and I can’t wait to hear the whole album.

It was prob my favourite song from the show tbf. Whole thing was bloody spectacular though.

That version of KOTM makes me even sadder that we are not likely to be getting the full video release. The audio only version is outstanding but doesn’t do it justice.

Oh well, maybe it’s best stored as a memory as there have been times where I’ve seen official concert footage that didn’t live up to my expectations.

so nice to have a version of An Architect’s Dream without Rolf.


The live album is good.

Meanwhile, she said in an interview that she thinks Theresa May is great and Twitter is losing its shit as a result.



I agree.

just as was about to drop 60 bucks on her new record, hmpfpfpf

I’ve been listening to that monster live version of ‘King of the Mountain’ non stop lately, this is a shame. It sounds like someone who lives in a big mansion in the middle of nowhere would say. Oh wait…

That’ll see her going back into hibernation for a good 10 years.

Finally got around to listening to all this. Cried about 4 times while listening to it.

It’s really, really good, but the bits with Bertie are terrible.

yeah hearing him shout piss off is a bit jarring seeing as it doesn’t work without the context of the show.

No… Hate to say it, but I much prefer Rolf’s performance of that bit. I know that makes me a terrible, terrible person but… I just do.

Yup. And the largely prerecorded bits are totally irrelevant without the video. But there are a few songs/moments that properly do me in.