Kate Bush: Not a Massive Tory


Here we go!


Wait, a wealthy British 50-something is a Tory!? Good grief!


RIP :frowning:




how times have changed


Alan Partridge would be pleased


All old white people are Tories, at least she had the good decency to be honest about it!


Literally the first thing I hear when I think of Kate Bush is this:


still not as bad as news articles that are just a list of random people’s shit tweets


Enjoyed watching twitter lose their collective shit over this today. Well I haven’t really enjoyed it but y’know.


Still somehow not the worst thing she’s done (reggae version of Rocket Man)


That’s very disappointing


Seems more like a pro-women sentiment than anything mega political.

I think condemning her for this is kind of sad really.


Hounds Of Gove


Doesn’t work.


is kate a god botherer as well?


and it’s the first comment on the guardian article


Well now we know what marckee does when he’s bored of DiS.


It’s me a tory oh come home I’m
So co-o-o-old, let me in’a your window


Great minds think alike?