Kate is pregnant again!


Imagine if she gave birth and it was just the current Queen but smaller


My friend Kate is also pregnant again. What are the odds?!


Great. Another lizard


Is your friend the Duchess of Cambridge?


Dang, does the queen like insist on her having a certain number of children, meybe four? for protocol or something


No, she was just a university classmate.


At St Andrews?






I say “classmate”, I mean “we were there at the same time”. We wouldn’t have ever been in the same lecture, and I suspect our social circles didn’t really overlap.


Bit disrespectful to be bonking so close to Diana’s deadiversary, tbh tbf


Not that surprising given that she was dating the heir to the throne at the time


Also she probably wasn’t really into LARPing.


Unless you mean Looking At Royal Penis that is!!!


more royals yey


Probably not that much else to do if you’re a royal. Also, they’re probably taking advantage of someone marrying slightly outside the immediate gene pool for once.


Prince William trying to get that paternity leave in time for the World Cup eh eh!!!111!!!


They’re really firing them out. Hats off.


Rejoice ye peasants!


Anyone going to stick a fiver bet on what this one’s going to be called?

Diana if it’s a girl, obviously. Jimothy if it’s a boy.