Kathryn Joseph tour

February. YES in Manchester and a load of other venues.

Google it kids (and then go).


Nice. Might go to Glasgow.


Not heard of her but she’s supporting Neko Case next week which I’m going to. Which album(s) should I check out first?

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There’s only two, you should listen to both of them


This. The lady is a genius. And I don’t say that lightly.

Also possibly the nicest person on the internets.

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Excellent! Finally I’ll get to see her live. London or Manchester,hmmm?

Woop. Hadn’t really listened to her before Out Lines, but both her albums are great. Got Bristol tickets, thanks for the heads up.

oh yeah she’s lovely, went to an in-store and she gave everyone in the queue a big hug and wanted to know everyone’s name and spent so much time with each person


This pleases me greatly.

Will go to the Brudenell. She was fantastic there
with outlines

Prefer the first one meself but both good

Playing no where near me. Gutted. Why do a lot of artists not play the midlands anymore?

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Missed out on so much stuff because of this. So frustrating.

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Unless they play Saturday’s somewhere I often miss out.

Contemplating going to Hebden Bridge from Mansfield, but it’s a fair trek and weather in Feb might be dicey. Absolutely desperate to see her though.

And the Out Lines album


She sold out in Glasgow quite quickly last time FYI (I had to traipse to Edinburgh)

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I was contemplating that gig. If it was a Saturday I’d be there but with it being a Sunday I’ll struggle as I’ll be up very early the next day for work.

What’s the situation like with local independent promoters in the midlands? That’s usually where the gap lies. If an artist doesn’t get picked up by one of the big boys like LN, SJM, KIli etc, then it’s harder for them to tour comprehensively.

Yeah I realise how it works. Very frustrating though. I’d go to loads more gigs if they were local. Have to hope a band I like are playing on a Saturday somewhere and go to that a lot of the time.