Kathryn Joseph


Folks, we really should be talking more about how bloody fantastic her latest album is. It’s bloody fantastic.


Yes we should.


It’s also led me back to the Out Lines album from last year, which was also bloody fantastic. And also a good touchstone for the direction of this latest album.


Oh yes, still album of the year for me. Hoping for some bigger and more extensive tour dates next year. But wow wish I could get to see her supporting Low this month. That has to be gig of the year for me.


AOTY. Be surprised if it changes.


Amazing live performer too; saw her at The Cure’s Hyde Park gig and she managed to make a corner of a large festival feel like the whole thing was happening in someone’s living room.


Feel a little silly for not getting tickets to see her play the album in its entirety not so long ago :frowning:


Hmmm. I can’t do that Joanna Newsom-y voice of hers. It’s a shame though as I quite like the music itself.