Katie Hopkins has deleted all her Tweets out of fear



Apparently it’s because she’s left the Daily Mail so now she isn’t protected by their lawyers

Her Twitter feed is now a weird selection of retweets.


The main positive from this, if true, is surely that future offensive tweets will be massively toned down.

Get annoyed about any time I waste talking about her. Hope she (figuratively) drops off the face of the earth.


Far Right Watch claim to have all her Tweets stored. Not sure how all that works TBH.

Also, if people have linked to her Tweets to back up their views that will now fail. I guess that’s something?


Hah. Good. Maybe she’ll regulate her vile views a little more now. Obviously not so confident in the righteousness of her opinions now is she?


I doubt she ever was. She basically feeds off outrage

argh stop making me think about Katie Hopkins


Yeah, I may actually delete this thread. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing.


Bit early for this much meta, pal


Her book would make a smashing secret santa present


Certainly quite a contents page


I have no idea if that’s a spoof or not.


Still don’t know who or what this is.


she is kind of like CG with a blond bob


yeah innit. anyone else and i’d be certain that’s a wiki-hack


would like to see her engage in one last mad act of glory, she should suicide bomb an iceberg to literally trigger some snowflakes.





took me ten seconds to remember which spice girl was Mel G