Katie Hopkins sacked by LBC

what a shame.

who could have predicted her being awful!

you must have to work very hard to get sacked by LBC


Don’t think anyone’s mentioned this pal


Not really. Quick nazi analogy. Home in time for lunch.

Nick Ferrarri, Nigel Farrage, great bunch of lads :rolling_eyes:

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Like who thinks oh yeah Nigel Farrage, he’s a good candidate as a talk radio host? Utter tosh.



It’s political correctness gone mad


Still disgraceful that they ever had her on in the first place and it’s taken recent comments to force their hand but at least they’ve gotten her to fuck eventually.


Le tournoi Broadcasting Company?


yeah i dunno i think it’s kind of heartening in a way that even morally dubious outlets like LBC are deciding ‘you know what? we can’t be doing with this…’

Only a matter of time until Andrew Castle implodes now, I’d imagine.

Yeah, I agree, but, it’s not like she hasn’t been saying truly awful and sack worthy things for years now. Agree that the ‘final solution’ comment is probably the worst but they were happy enough for her to make comments about drowning refugee children if it brought them ratings.


sorry no-class, this sounds like an argument, it’s totally not as you point out that they are morally dubious and I completely agree.

LBC is a thoroughly right wing radio station as well, it’s not merely ratings seeking, it’s very definitely ideological.

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first time I’d ever heard of it was when it was on in a taxi I got in London, some kind of late night phone in show, could not believe the racist guff people were saying and the host agreeing with it

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looking forward to seeing how she can spin this in her favour…

I’m sure ‘freedom of speech’ will come up