Kayo Dot (Rolling)

seems we don’t have an all-purpose rolling Kayo Dot thread so here’s one. T-Dawg is back with a new record of solo ballads as per his tour last year, you can stream one track below:

he also mentions new songs so… yeah.


Do you know when it’s actually out? Very happy with what I’ve heard so far.

Not sure of the actual date, gotta be this month or early next.

Looks like it’s out today on bandcamp anyway

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yep think it’s out. just ordered the vinyl from deathwish EU store. cost 28 euros all in fffffffuuuuuuu.

they’ve announced a pre-order for a super limited vinyl edition of Choirs

with bonus materials too

get on it

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$70 though :tired_face:

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Hasnt been pressed in its 14 year history and likely wont ever be again. Worth it!!!

A new solo album imminent and another KD record this year by the sounds of it!