Wonderful. Fancy one from a nice restaurant - yes please, some veg and stuff stuff shoved on a skewer at a bbq - sign me up, big pile of doner meat on some chips with a load of garlic mayo - try and stop me. Obviously there are bad ones out there but on the whole a lovely invention.


Love em. Though I rarely get them and my local has raised its prices pretty wildly.

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Love proper doner meat. Shave that elephant’s leg.

Went back to my student kebab shop of choice recently, was still a decent eat, but was disappointed to see they’ve dropped their policy of being able to replace salad with chips for free which was probably responsible for a large percentage of my university weight gain (that and the beer).


Kebab shops in the UK are fucking vile, I wouldn’t feed the meat to a dog.

There is an amazing vegan kebab place in London called What The Pitta, they make the bread to order and the seitan is very good, would strongly recommend.

Doner Mcgregor v Kebab Nurmagomedov ?


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Chicken and lamb kebabs are nice

Doner kebabs are absolutely rank, doesnt matter if youre sober or pie eyed. Nasty

Love all kebabs across the spectrum providing they arent dry


Doner meat is an all timer pizza topping, dont @ me


When you’re right you’re right.

Im only @ you to re-enforce your correct opinion

Used to enjoy a shish kebab from the afghan restaurant near my mum’s house. My mum also makes very delicious kebabs at family bbq’s and my veggie alternative is with halloumi but tbh i miss the chicken one, it was delicious. I used to feed some to the wasps and enjoy watching them fly away with a piece of chicken as bog ad they are

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fine, but I never want one with alcohol. always go for a burger instead.

I love the whole pickled peppers they have.


Kebabs are excellent though I am a shish person rather than doner nowadays (used to be chicken shish for life, don’t know what changed in me, what else is lost to ageing). When you find a good one (massive shout to Troy on City Road and Sen BBQ in Canton for 'Diff people) it’s a real pleasure. Bread + meats + salad + sauce (or even just the bread, the salad, the sauce, maybe some falafel in there or, in one wildcard version I had once, bhajis) is an all-time brilliant combo.

Same. Much rather enjoy a doner meat n chips sober, with a delicious Rio.


I have to walk past mill hill kebab if i’ve been out in town to get home it’s a disaster.

There’s a new Turkish restaurant in my nearest town. Might go and see what’s going on there on payday.

absolutely love kebabs. love some microwaved doner the next day


witnessed a scrap between two employees at my regular chicken place - Lions in Peckham - once. was baked, so found it hilarious at the time.

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love a shawarma, shawarma kings in glasgows king street is fucking excellent.