Keegan Lane

Being built in Newcastle apparently, with loads of stuff on the walls about his illustrious soccer career

Oh mate, have you heard the Netrunner Keegan Lane story?

Kevin Keegan is in Netrunner?

Keegan Lane. I’ll bet you think this song is about you

The Keegan Lane falls mainly in the plain

Yeah , this is his card


Is this that game Epmier talks about?

Once watched Kevin Keegan try and fix a jammed shutter in Glasgow. It ended up slamming down, if his head had been where it was a few seconds earlier, he’d have been decapitated.


What a different world this would have been

Might have been the kick up the arse I needed

Keegan Lane had a strange hobby
Collecting clothes
Moonshine washing line
They suit him fine
On the wall hung a tall mirror
Distorted view, see through baby blue
Oh, Keegan Lane
It’s not the same…

Keegan lane
Everybody wants one
Keegan lane
Everybody needs one
Oh my God, oh your God, oh his God, oh her God
Oh my God, oh your God, oh his God, oh her God
He’s everybody’s God, everybody’s God, everybody’s God, everybody’s God
The worlds collide
but all that we want is an interesting Netrunner anecdote

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Keegan Lane awoke from the same dream
In the same bed at the same time
Looked in the same mirror, made the same frown
And felt the same way as he did every day

Then Keegan Lane caught the same train
At the same station, sat in the same seat
With the same nasty stain
Next to same old what’s-his-name
On his way to the same place with the same name
To do the same thing again and again and again
Poor old Keegan Lane

Oh Keegan Lane
His world stays the same
Today will always be tomorrow
Poor old Keegan Lane
He’s getting that feeling once again
Netrunner only brings sorrow

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