Keep a family out of the house!

You’ve got to keep a family of 4 out of their house without them realising you’re upto anything for 12 hours. Anything you guys spend is up to you but wont be reimbursed. You need to be back pretty much in time so going to stay in a hotel or whatever is out.

What you gonna do?

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Now presumably something as crass as just tying these guys up somewhere is going to be frowned upon, yes?


how do they not realise they are out of their house?

Worth a shot!

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I have reworded

They do realise that but dont realise you’re trying to keep them out

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Now I bet these idiots go absolutely wild for The Boy Who Lived so my plan is to get them in a marathon screening of all the Harry Potter films which breaks for each of the three main meals of the day every second film.

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Who needs to be back in time? Me, or the family of 4?

Burn their house to the ground, will take them much longer than 24 hours to rebuild


In seriousness, I don’t think I could do this. Family of 3, maybe.

Them. In fact you can’t drive them home

Are you paying? Or do you think they’ll contribute?

This is based on a terrible home renovation show I’ve been watching fyi

Oh this is all on me. They’re going to have an absolutely fantastic time and I’ll get a real sense of inner-warmth from the joy I’ve been able to give them.

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Get them tickets to Oppenheimer after work/school, stopping at Nandos or somewhere in between.

maybe they would like to go geocaching?


Wait hang on, twelve hours!? Why did I read twenty four hours!? This will be a doddle!

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They’re not in school or work on this day

God speed!

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a family day pass on the historic North Yorkshire Moors Railway?


Can they think I’m up to something, but just not be right about what I’m up to?