Keep calm and pretend it’s not Monday

Feeling pretty low about Swedish election results right now.

How r u?


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It’s not monday!? sweet. I’m going to slow everything down again. whoop whoop

Struggling really bad today and not much up for work at all today. God its going to be fucking brutal, especially as im still ALONE in my department due to inadequate staffing numbers and sicknesses. Fucking hate everything roght now. Miserable fuck i know but sorry

Start a new job today. On my way into the office


Still on holidays so not that fused about it being Monday.
Saying that I’m done and just want to get home at this point. :person_facepalming:

First day of work after paternity leave. Full dread and feeling pretty low especially because baby is being hard work at the mo :pensive: birthday this week though and hoping I can take that off.


Definitely over raining but too warm for a coat weather.

Off back to Glasgow.

On train full of schoolkids.

Should probanly read my book but feel very tired

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Going for a bike ride for an hour or two. Not been out on it other than to work for ages. Awkward weather and there’s showers around, so looks like I’ll have to cook in my softshell jacket.

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Only gone and run out of dang coffee this morning!!?!! Talk about Mondays amirite folks?!?!!?!

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Mega stressed with work. Pissed off at a friend but not sure if IABU or not so am feeling that wonderful combination of anger and guilt at being angry.

Quite want to go live at the bottom of the sea

2 day hangover and going through that new relationship figuring how to sleep when someone else is in your bed thing so am very very tired.
Got distracted by the queen thursday and Friday so well behind with work.

Back on strike - not picketing for #respect apparently but at least we are still striking.

Going to keep enjoying spending time with A, even if he has already tipped his cereal on the floor this morning. Rainy here so probs house clean, pack for Budapest and sneak some Xenoblade in when I can :partying_face:

Would love some hot fresh mini doughnuts from the seaside rn.

Might make a coffee.


Was planning on a quiet weekend but it ended up being busy and boozy with not a lot of sleep

Today is going to be a struggle :poop:

Had a scary running-for-my-life nightmare :cry:

Need to get up 15 minutes ago but my eyes still don’t want to open fully :woozy_face:

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Not into her facial expressions, like they’ve made her seem subservient and self conscious so we don’t think it’ll all go a bit Skynet. Makes me feel uneasy, like men will get have a power trip and be horrible to them.

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Been up since 5. Going to Stoke for a two-day visit, which will be followed by a day in Stafford on Wednesday. Need more tea.

Seem to have caught the lurgy from the baby. Feel absolutely dreadful