Keep getting absolutely rinsed at Tescos

My brain doesn’t process the yellow labels as members only prices. Keep forgetting, getting to the tills, and being too much of a wet blanket to kick off about it.

Fucking bastards.


You wot m8


All offers are for clubcard holders only now. No clubcard, no offer price, essentially forcing you to open a clubcard, or paying full price. The price of that sweet sweet data


It’s fucking ridiculous. Here, have a pizza, £1.25, but not for you - £6.50.


Really need to start walking the extra 100 yards to go to sainos but I always forget.

I’m never shopping there again. That were bloody disgraceful

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Do you not live within walking distance of a Booths?


it’s fucking cheeky how they do it. Nearly bought a bottle of Baileys because the yellow card said NINE POUND FIFTY then in small writing (Club Card only), Twenty quid otherwise


I just ask the staff to scan theirs for me and they get the points and I get the discount and give 2 v’s to THE MAN


Can you not still pick up a leaflet with a temp clubcard at the checkout, and bin it on the way out?

I am sick of Tescos, absolutely sick of it. I’ll keep doing my monthly online big shop there and I’ll keep hating it.


They’re somehow worse. Sainos charge M&S price for tescos quality

had to stop going to the nearby tescos next to my old place in Peckham because the smell kept giving me headaches and was too depressing, meaning I ended up lugging shopping on the tube from the sainos next to my work in bloomsbury.

  • Tescos smells the worst out of all the supermarkets
  • no

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swear each supermarket has a signature smell they pump in. best smelling:

  • Morrisons
  • Asda
  • Waitrose
  • Sainsburys
  • Lidl
  • Aldi
  • M&S
  • Booths
  • Co-op
  • Other

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100%. All three of the MME Tescos permanently smell like they’ve been mopped with off milk.


I do the same, keep buying a three for £1 offer and getting charged like £2.10 at the checkout.

Asda just didn’t apply a three for £10 offer one time and I ended up emailing the receipt to them and getting a £6 voucher back.

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the express ones have this horrible petrol-like smell to them too.

There’s no tescos near me anyway so fuckem

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We have vents that pump hot air from the bakery ovens into the shop making it smell of baking bread. Is the worst when you’re hungover


Plus school trousers , all m and s smell like school trousers and tights

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