Keep getting absolutely rinsed at Tescos

forgot about that and I’m angry all over again

is it too late to send some unfriendly people round to wherever he lives?

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A little of both if possible

Tescos is an ugly, ugly place iirc

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Good flooring in the older stores though tbh

Its no Albert Heijn!

Get your own thread ideas mate! I’m the OG Tesco moaner!

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I’ll fulfill your request in the morning if the thread is bumped at some point.

Thank you, God bless x

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I worked for them briefly. Dreadful company. Left after the place got held up by people with machetes and within a week they cut the hours of the guard.

The Withington Road shop is/was notorious for fraud. Know a couple of people who’ve had cards cloned there.

This is the upper chorlton road one, he went on to work at chorlton McDonald’s as manager there and got employee of the month in his first month. Lol.

Worst thing about that Tesco is how it’s called the Firswood store. How the fuck is that Firswood?!

The Tesco Express near me doesn’t sell booze. No idea why, but I have no call to go there (there’s a big Sainsbury and a decent Co-Op the same distance away). Very glad I don’t have to deal with the membership bollocks.

Might’ve had their license taken away

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Never known a dry store.

Some sort of weird temperance law related to the land maybe, idk.

Assumed this was only a thing in Bournville (which does have a dry Texpress incidentally). Are there other places where booze is banned in the UK?

There is a sainsburys express or wherever they are called on the corner of st James st In Brighton that doesn’t sell booze. It was a boozeless shop before sainos took over and I assume it’s a licensing thing as it’s already an area that can get rowdy at night


Settled for Morrisons as the best of the big 4 enjoy the wonky vege section, unnecessary music and slight chaotic undertones.


bit annoying.

i decided to set up a clubcard account but then realised i set one up years ago and never used to it. so i clicked the button for it to send me a new card, expecting it to ask for my address, but it just said “ok, sent”. checked the address they held for me and it’s a house i haven’t lived in for 7 years. sadly the current occupants have not decided to start using my card and letting me have the points.

have to use the app on my phone for it now, and never remember to get it out until i’m just finished scanning things and people behind me have to wait for my to load the app up. and it’s always then when my phone decides not to recognise my fingerprint.

should probably just order another card.

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also started a Nectar card cos i go to Sainos for my big shop but i’m not really clear on the benefits of a Nectar card yet.

Remember that day Sainos changed their meal deal so literally every single option in it became shit? Absolutely wild decision and the fact Tesco only seem to improve theirs with nice seasonal and vegan stuff means I love them.


Woah, that is a fucking ridiculous price difference.