Keepcup thread [Audit]

feel like I make this thread twice a year but hey ho

  • I own and use a keepcup of some description
  • I do not own one but I should get on it
  • I don’t and don’t want one (fuck the earth lol)
  • What the actual wtaf is keepcup m17

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Additional option:

I don’t own one because I can make my own coffee.

are you seriously going to say in front of all these good people that you never drink coffee out?

i own and use one to drink coffee out of but have never used it in a cafe


I think I might have done it once or twice before.

I’m not carrying a cup around on the off chance i want a brew mXII

Don’t like carrying a bag

does a thermos or other brand of flask count?

Ooh, a recent example of an outdated trend! (Infographics)

no because I don’t like the taste of plastic.

Hey BBC, with these stock photos you’re really spoiling us


Do you give it to coffee shops to put your chai latte in?

Ceramic ones are also available you lollygagger

Not a thing here because having a takeaway coffee and walking down the street with it is seen as an act of savagery

Don’t drink hot drinks outside the home so don’t need one. I do however have one of those BPA-free water bottles which I use to fill with liquids such as water.

Back on topic though, my work canteen will soon be banning all plastic and paper cups so everyone will have to buy a water bottle or keep cup. There is a branded selection of bottles and keep cups available to buy in the canteen. Don’t think I’ve seen anyone with one yet.

lids are still plastic though, right, dickhead?

ah no. don’t drink tea/coffee. sorry. keepcup concept is new to me.

Actually the coffee shop i go to uses compostable cups and lids

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Not sure if satire but :+1:

Being genuine for once, this lot good bunch o ladsses