Keepcup thread [Audit]

Actually the coffee shop i go to uses compostable cups and lids

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Not sure if satire but :+1:

Being genuine for once, this lot good bunch o ladsses


We now have 2 hearts. Our original Leeds University site (yes, Opposite Leeds University) was built to bring fairtrade coffee, healthy affordable food and a community space for all the lonesome art students to Leeds. Still an iconic hangout, and famous for chocolate brownies and staff that are mad as badgers.

such a weird description. ‘lonesome art students’. ‘mad as badgers’??!??

God knows how old that website is, they opened one near me a good 3 years ago

I did own one. They’re dishwasher safe but the office cleaner mistakenly threw it away :disappointed_relieved:

Absolutely never heard it called a keepcup before but I am a fan of it in theory

Got myself one of these last week:

A few things:

  • When buying it, I didn’t actually pay for it. I took it to the till and they just assumed I owned it so I didn’t say anything.
  • the next day, the cleaners at work threw it away thinking it was a regular coffee cup
  • I went to get another one and this time paid for it #karmasabitch

(I want a proper one for getting coffee out at work cause I do that most days. My coffee friend and I are trying to not spend so much on coffee out so we fill up these and pretend we got them in Starbucks and just go for a walk or sit somewhere else)

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is that a silicone lid? does it taste of plastic? I would quite like to get one but can’t get over that horrible plastic taste.

It’s all plastic and it does not taste of plastic.
It was also £1.
Why do you think it tastes of plastic? Your coffee don’t taste of paper when you drink from a paper cup.


because plastic (think specifically silicone) leaves a taste?


might have a word

these results are all about coffee makers, mate

This is bringing up results for a coffee MAKER, not a cup.

Get a glass one if you’re worried.

I don’t think i’ve known any reuseable cup to have a plastic taste.

I got this as a gift - perfect for a clumsy guy like me

do you think that beer cans make beer taste of metal?

Yes, a bit!

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But I’m not gonna fucking stop drinking tins, am I.

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Not a big coffee drinker, but I own one of these. Bought it from the coffee shop near my tube station and the guy said “I guarantee you will NEVER use it”. He was basically right, although I occasionally make a coffee at home and stick it in the cup to take on the train.

Would be great if you could do football ones, like they do for AFL teams. I’d definitely get one of them (and not use that either).