Keepcup thread [Audit]

wtf is that cup massive or are your hands tiny

My work insists that cups have lids (god knows why, you drop a full cup of coffee with a lid on it’s gonna make just as much mess as one without when the lid pops off!), I’m currently going through far too many cardboard cups on a daily basis so need to get myself one of these or a thermal one.

got one as a christmas present but don’t really use it
literally never order coffee ‘to go’
work with someone who has one and keeps it sideways in her bag and says it doesnt leak :open_mouth:

that’s making me anxious just thinking about it


Perspective ?

edit: my hand looks funny now?

No, but I spent years working for charities so live my life quite obnoxiously now, safe in the knowledge I’ve done far more than my bit compared to pretty much everyone.

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got enough screens m8?

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Not yet. I have two more widescreens waiting by my desk that I have yet to install. I’ll then have 3 screens.

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4 by my count (including the laptop)

I already think I have old lady hands but now I have old lady talons!

You’re very talonted.

gets coat



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Just received one for my birthday!

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Finally joined the ranks of the elite

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I should probably get one of these. What one is that?

this one:

just got whatever they had in the coffee shop tbf

I see. My bf was given one of these as a present.

FUCK. I just saw how much they cost… anyway, he didn’t like it and I left it in IKEA :grimacing: I think you can like pay for coffee with it!? (just checked, you can’t in the UK EU apparently :woman_shrugging:


yeah they’re obviously a bit pricey but are meant to last. pret does a 49p americano if you bring your own keepcup in now.

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nice. Good info :+1: