Keeping the labels/tags on stuff

Bought a cap the other week for holiday, took the big stickers off immediately and then noticed that some people like to keep their stickers in place. I’m old and unobservant.

Remember having Air Max decades ago and keeping the large plastic tag on the laces for a few months.

Do you own anything where you have purposefully kept the stickers/labels/tags on?

Only my skin tags

I left the supermarket with the security tag still on my bottle of gin a while back. It was a bugger to get the bastard off when I got home. Took me a full bloody half hour.

I keep the stickers on apples until after I have eaten them

On a pair of Louboutins, smh.

Yeah I have had to do that with ‘tubed’ whisky.

Do the “yoof” still do that thing where they have shop tags on baseball caps? That was a thing for a while.

Some of them probably still do it. I saw a youth with his underpants arse on display yesterday for the first time in ages.