Keith Flint RIP

This is the only non-The Sun link I could find

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I hate to trot out the “no age” cliché, but… crikey.


That’s a real shocker. Always imagined he was basically invincible.

RIP Keith.

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one of my earliest memories of Top of the Pops was being quite terrified by him in the Firestarter video


Holy shit that’s really wrong

Jesus, that’s a shocker. I had some brilliant times at prodigy gigs as a teenager.

He caused a one man moral panic by being stary in a tunnel, it was amazing. Really sad news.


Woah, shit that’s very sad

Saw The Prodigy at a couple of all nighters in the mid 90s at Brixton. And also at Reading 1998. Brilliant fun live.

Jilted is a 10/10 album.

RIP Keith Flint.


Woah, this is sad

If you watch the video now it just seems so hilariously camp and in a good way.

Bloody hell. For some reason (not sure why) my post this morning feels in poor taste now.

You weren’t to know mate.

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I remember seeing the grainy Channel 4 footage of their Glastonbury set in 1995 and thinking it looked like the most frightening thing ever


Mr Bright Light is a massive Prodigy fan…so sad.

Oh fuck. That’s terrible

So young!

BBC link here if you prefer (not sure if you can still edit your post @scout):

Really sad news :frowning: probably one of the most iconic frontmen of our generation.


Aw man :disappointed:

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