Keith Flint RIP

Blimey :frowning_face:

Oh shit, that’s very sad :frowning: one of the defining faces of my teenage years.

(Do you have any objections to me changing the thread title to include RIP?)

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No problem


what the fuck

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ah fuck. That’s a shock.


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oh no!

oh that’s awful :frowning:

what :frowning:

Christ, 49. Well sad.

Wow that’s sad. Didn’t expect that so young.

Prodigy only just had an album out, I was thinking of going to see them because I never did in my yoof

Fat of the Land changed my life :frowning:

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He seemed like a really, really nice guy. Very sad.

Saw the Prodigy on my 17th birthday - was probably the sweatiest, messiest gig I ever went to. Really sad :slightly_frowning_face:


Prodigy at Reading WENT OFF. Seemed a top bloke too. RIP.

Sad, pretty sure his face and music made up a large part of everyone heres teen years whethet they grew up in the 90s 00s or 10s. Seemed like a top bloke to

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Ah man, that’s sad. I can’t really even imagine that guy from the Firestarter video I saw when I was 7 or whatever and just seemed impossibly cool and young being middle aged, let alone dead. Controversial opinion, but ageing is shit.

49 is no age.
very sad, he was fucking great fun live. :disappointed_relieved:

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Looks like suicide
Jesus :worried:

Having a little listen to some tracks like everyone else this afternoon

Still maintain that Girls is a great tune

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