Fresh banger alert


Can’t believe I missed this coming out, what a tune.

Kelela’s the goat, Take Me Apart’s an all-timer


Massively here for this. Fucking powerhouse singer. Take Me Apart is absolutely amazing.


FYI Londoners - she’s playing a date on 7 April 2023 (it’s on Dice). Not heard of the venue but, should be good!


Album’s out now and I’m liking it muchly


Well, this is phenomenal. Especially the middle part, where the songs bleed into each other and it really quietly covers a heck of a lot of ground. The general vibe really reminds me of ‘Ray of Light’ in a way. Calm experimentalism is kinda how I’d describe it. It’s wonderful.

She’s 3/3 for great albums now. 4 if you count the EP. An absolute treasure.


Need to listen to it a bit more & without distraction but after a few listens I feel like there’s not as many moments that grab you as the last one. I think the sort of washed out sound might contribute to that - I want a bit more bite


This has really really slowly grown on me.


Don’t think the final stretch of this has clicked with me just yet, but the first 2/3rds are brilliant.

Anyone else going to see her tonight? Doesn’t seem like there’s any supports and no stage times have been given (yet?). Not been to the venue before so not sure how they do things.


Yeah keep on checking back in and it’s getting better

I am going and have similarly found zero info. Just gonna aim for 8:30.

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That felt a touch oversold to me and the crowd by me were terrible.

She was good and I get the club vibe but thought it was missing something in the production like when she had dancers last time I saw her.

Yeah I was underwhelmed and dare I say a touch bored. Couldn’t shake off the feeling that it was £30+ for club PA either. Her show at Heaven in 2017 was miles better.

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I’m feeling the same :disappointed_relieved:

At times it worked very well but it felt a bit awkwardly stuck between the club bangers and the slower tracks, not really getting the best out of either side. That Washed Away remix at the start made me think there’d be a lot more remixes to make the set feel more rounded and exciting, but that was just a one off.

70-odd minutes is a long time for the stage setup to be just 1 person singing in the middle, sometimes walking to the side. I don’t often think about value for money while at a gig but this didn’t feel like a great use of my cash - especially with no supports.

Definitely way too crowded everywhere I went too. And the stage could have done with being higher (or the floor could have been sloped more). Felt like a half decent venue but not a great fit for last night sadly.