Kelly Lee Owens

Was listening to this again today. Think it’s become one of my albums of the year. I just keep going back to it. Purchased.

clicked when i was a little, erm, worse for wear


Would snap that up if I was in the UK. It’s her best record IMO.

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Yeah, this is her first record where she’s thought “fuck it if people dont like it”. And all the better for it.

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Her debut was great although didn’t feel completely cohesive. The second was a bit of a disappointment although perfectly pleasant.

Yeah totally agree.
That the second was pleasant is spot on.
LP8 sounds like she is an adventurous artist. Hope she keeps stretching herself.


Yup, easily one of my AOTYs too. Keep coming back to it too and love it every time.

More from the album everyone forgot about

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Ironically, your post is blank for some reason:


Weird, there’s a bandcamp link in there I swear!

Bandcamp often fails to embed properly. Pretty bad for a music site.

New DJ mix released last week


Posted in the bargains thread - LP8 for £4.35 at Juno:

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New album 18th October


Good song but that looped “love you got” vocal got annoying half way through the song.

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