Kelly Lee Owens

btw the extra tracks she tacked on to the s/t are exquisite.


on the strength of the three singles she’s put out so far this new album is going to be a belter


Will this album just bloody come out already. :rage:


Not sure what the logic was behind delaying it. I can see that acts that rely heavily on touring to promote (and monetise) a record would not want to put out and album in the current circumstances but that hardly seems to apply to KLO. If anything she would surely have got more attention if she’d put it out when nothing else was coming out.


Yeah, maybe a short delay (like Pottery had) but can’t see the benefit here in waiting. Even Taylor Swift had a new album out last week.

Not keen on that John Cale collaboration at all unfortunately and I love both Kelly and John normally.

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I like that track even though Cale does sound like he’s half asleep. The music is great.

I’ve stopped listening to the singles because I don’t want to feel like I already know most of the album when it comes out. This wait is really tedious…


She originally said she delayed it in solidarity with closed music shops. Not sure that logic applies any more though…

This ^ entirely. Exactly the same with the Bright Eyes / Bill Callahan records too…

even smaller acts can make much more when touring in support of a release from things like merch sales at gigs

it’s likely she’ll end up as 6music album of the day when it’s finally out so makes sense to delay it till she can capitalise on all the press/airplay that’ll coincide with the tour

Yes, John is the weak link, sadly.

I normally get bored of endless pre-album singles and stop keeping up with them as they’re announced, but quite like how Bill has been releasing them in running order once a week - it’s just like listening to the album really slowly.

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Apparently the opening track on the new album is a Radiohead cover/instrumental.

Sure is, I’ve heard it. You’ll want to turn the bass all the way up. Weird Fishes is the track in question, to be clear.

sweet jesus christ, the air in this thread is thick with the stench of sizzling gammon. lamacq types in their late fifties/early sixties. kelly lee owens owes you boys the sum total of sweet fuck all - she’ll drop her latest compendium of bangers as and when she feels like it, and not before. stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

at it again, i see.


no days off!

that’s a popular one this year