Kelly Lee Owens

i like this album quite a bit more than the first tbh


The fact that she works in those liminal spaces between pop, dance floor music and intellectual electronica is what makes her really interesting to me.


Back from holiday (Suffolk - had a lovely time, thanks for asking) to find the white vinyl waiting for me. So far, it’s pretty lovely :+1:


Listened o this album in Suffolk last week (driving to Dunwich, thanks for reading) it was warmly enjoyed in the car but it is overall underwhelming, compared to he first, imo.



Yeah a few tracks wouldn’t be completely out of place on Casino Classics.

And the vocal melody in the first line of Wake-Up is the same as the first line of Home from Sarah Cracknell’s first solo record.

Now if Kelly Lee Owens could produce / remix the next Saint Etienne album…

I didn’t like it much when I heard it before the album came out but it’s really grown on me and I love it now.

Have only just got round to listening to Inner Song, loving it so far.

I like this album. I listened to it for the first time on an plane. Was nice.

I didn’t realise track one was a cover of one of my favourite Radiohead songs. Now I’m listening to it again, it’s so obvious. Ffs.

Anyway, the John Cale track isn’t for me.

Loving this now. Really weird to have a cover as the first track on your album though. Also with that and Lianne La Havas, it’s truly a renaissance year for That One Radiohead Song


where do you fall on the John Cale track please

I like it thank you for asking


“Scott_Chegg, Scott_Chegg, Scott_Chegg, thank God, Scott_Chegg”

This is still the best version:

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Genuinely sounds like a song from kid a

Hate the Cale


Just got round to listening to the new album; really enjoying it.

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